Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ikal hearts A Ling

I absolutely enjoyed the cuteness of the lotus flower love between these two. The fact that Ikal would finish up the school's chalks quickly just to go and see A Ling again brings me to laughter every time. Not to forget, he fell in love with A Ling's nails at first. How can you like someone by just looking at their nails? Ikal is just too cute to be true. I also think that Ikal is courageous, he has the guts to go and meet A Ling when A Ling came to visit. It makes them look sweet. Plus, it is also very adorable to know that Ikal is actually in love with someone BIGGER than him. Size doesn't matter to that little guy. That's what a girl wants! haha.

IKA :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

Ikal first love...??

Ikal first love, that is A Ling. Is like a funny cute couple. May be we just can see it as not a serious love story or we call it as a ‘monkey love’ among children. It looks like Ikal was crazily in love with A Ling but it just in short moment because A Ling need to move to Jakarta. It was sad went Ikal don’t know about it earlier. He become frustrated and looses his mood to study. However, A Ling had leave him a box with a picture of Eiffel Tower. That makes him to be strong to continue his study because he wants to go there and he achieved his dream. It seems that their love story had give spirit to Ikal to achieved his dream.

                                                                                                           by: fasihah

Lintang..?Why him..???

Assalamualaikum, when talk about Rainbow Soldier, the most character that I like is Lintang. This is because he has a good attitude and is a hardworking boy although he is poor. He has a wide knowledge and can answer anything that his friends ask. Based on the story I can see that Lintang like to read any books and newspaper. This is why he can have wide knowledge and clever in many things. Other thing that I amazed about Lintang is, he can count in a short time without write it on a paper. He really has a good talent in counting. Because of his cleverness, had been chosen by teacher Muslimah to involve in quiz between his school and other schools in his place.
                                                                                                     by: fasihah

My favourite character is Mahar, why?

haha first of all, this thing is due sunday. but im gonna do it today because I KNOW, FOR SURE, i will forget this thing by tomorrow. so here goes...

Personally, my favourite character in Rainbow Soldier is Mahar. That little boy with talent ! I absolutely enjoyed watching him in action. The most unforgettable scene in the movie would be the time he and his classmates from SD Muhammadiyah perform at the competition against other schools in that district. It was awesome to me how a small child could think of an idea like that. He was told that he need to plan well because the school was out of budget. And he did it. They performed with a handmade uniforms ! Eco friendly actually hahaha. Very good idea, very creative. I also enjoyed and laughed a lot at their performance. Looks really funny but it kinda attract people's attention. I know you enjoyed it too right? :)
I'm also making him my favourite because he sang really well. Nyanyi lagu Seroja you olls. Plus, look at him! comel ya amat. kan kan kan? haha


Tuesday, 27 August 2013


hello was your day? i hope it is better than the grammar jail day. some people say they like the grammar jail and some people say not. somebody ask me do i like it? i really do not like it because there are no food prepare in the grammar jail.for your information, i am very hungry at that time.with our conclusion rejected by teech, i feel depressed and very frustrated in the grammar jail. at the same time, my girlfriend want to break off our relationship that we have built for almost 10 years.why teech why? why would you do this to me :(
-najmi yang cool-


good afternoon again people. i think everyone must be missing me right? now i am here to spend my time with all of we all know, we have done paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 and you know what? i am sick of normal human being is i really do not like to write hahahaha but i have too -.- for my bel marks.thanks to gorgeous ika for supporting me and we have a hard time together on doing both of the paragraph.tribute also to teech airil haimi for correcting our works. That all for today.i want to sleep.....bye :D
-najmi yang hensem-


assalamualaikum and a very good afternoon to all my minion's fans. i just want to say happy eid to all my fans who always support me.lately im quite busy with my test and quiz because the final exam is just around the corner. My sleeping schedule are also very pack and thats why i dont have time to update our minions status for my lovely fans.thank you for supporting me.keep voting me ok? lots of love from najmi. *now eating kuih raya* :D
-najmi yang kacak-

Saturday, 24 August 2013


have you ever heard about grammar jail? what is that? what? what? haha. actually this is the first jail in the world that teech created for us. special for STUDENTS AC1103B definetely. hehe. because? because we had make a lot of mistake in our essay. huhu. sorry teech. we didn't mean it. being in the grammar jail? scared? sad? angry? no! we are very happy and enjoy ourselves. errr. excited actually to enter that jail. hihi. other than correct our grammar mistake wanna know what we did in the grammar jail? we snap our pictures. huhahuha in that jail. we are happy be in that jail teech! hehehe... ::

                                                                                                                           -Anis Insyirah-

Friday, 23 August 2013

conclusion and the teech's grammar jail.. the conclusion...
eermmm so terrible...our conclusion is rejected by teech at the last moment of the class. during the first checking, teech just circle several words, so i and my partner think that the only the mistake. Of course we had to be in the teech's grammar jail. At that time, it was just about 30 minutes after start the class. So, we had to spent a long time in the jail and thinking the mistake. Later at the end of the class, teech said our conclusion is not suitable because we had add on some new ideas..TEECH..! why don't you tell us earlier.....
Nevermind, we learn from mistake...and lastly i just want to say "How dare you teech..". =p    

                                                                                                       by: fasihah

body paragraph 2 & 3. lets talk about my paragraph 2 & 3. As usual it have a mistake like grammar, unsuitable words and others. It is unbelievable if we don't make any mistake in our essay right? For this body paragraph we had try to do it with less mistake by referring to some of our friend before we show it to teech. It is use full because teech command that our body paragraph is good but some grammar mistake. Thank you to teech. And sorry for the picture because we make so small until teech say it look weird.
 Don't wory teech it just draft, so we will make it better like this one in the true body paragraph.
                                                                                by: fasihah

Thursday, 22 August 2013

humble greetings to all prisoners !

Hello, i just got out of jail a few days ago. Im sorry mom and dad. It was a terrible mistake. Something i should have checked a bunch of time before presenting. hahahha. being in Grammar Jail was horrible. i hate sitting on the floor when there's plenty of empty chairs to seat on! with all my classmates in there, it was packed like sardines in a can. LOL. plus, Teech also turned the fan off. horrible experience though,


Friday, 16 August 2013

Body One , body Two? Anyone?

Hmm, i dont really know what i am supposed to express regarding to this blog post's "tittle". What i felt when i did this paragraph with Najmi was pretty obvious. We didn't really hesitate because we KNOW that our work is going to be repaired and corrected by Teech because I personally know that what we have done or wrote in our paragraph have SOOOOOO many grammar mistakes and a bunch of wrong choice of words. haha. Plus, me and Najmi were having a hard time figuring out what "psychological abilities" really is. haha. But we managed ourselves and i guess Allah helped us Alhamdulillah. Our work might not be good, but it's better now. Thanks to Teech for correcting us! :)


Thursday, 15 August 2013

A little bit memory of my raya..

assalamualaikum to our readers, i think it not late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all. For me, this year i not have enough time to celebrate raya with my family. However, i still have time to make some biscuit, and cake to my family. In a week to settle everything for raya is not enough for me. Although it make me tired, i'm very happy to celebrates it with my family especially with my mom after i had not 'balik penang' for a long time. =)  


How was your holidays everyone? Mine was great! Only that, my duit raya I've got this year is in terrible amount :( If you have banyak gimme some la. can ah? Haha. By the way, I was feeling really good because I went back home without any assignment from Teech :p What a relief right? hahaha. I spent my Eid well and celebrated it at my house in Penang. As usual, my mom made her best dish which is Laksa Penang. It tasted real gooooooooood, you guys are so unlucky to not have tasted it :p *angkat bakul*. I've had a bunch of kuih and dishes during this Eid and Im still craving for some more. Other than that, don't you feel that one week isn't enough? We had to be back in Seri Iskandar by Sunday which was really cruel to me because it is only the 4th day of Eid. We need more cuti. many cuti need to plus "es" right? so cuties. WE NEED MORE CUTIES!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

body paragraph1, edit 02

Submitted to : Airil Haimi Mohamad Adnan, tutor
Submitted by : Zul & Fatin

Submitted on : August 1st, 2013

Personalities of a Persian Cat
by Mr. Rosnu, M. Z. M. & Ms. Faizi, F. A. K.

There are several personalities of a Persian cat and that are loving and loyal as companions that bond strongly with their owners. They are very easy-going and unlikely to scratch anyone. As Helgren, (1988) said “If you want your cats bouncing around like hyperactive popcorn, don’t buy a Persian. Persians are perfect companions, if you like placid, sweet-tempered cats” (p. 3). They are very friendly as they love to be pampered and sometimes the owners have to feed them by themselves. Persian cats are very kind and passive cats. They love attention and like to be played around with. These are good pets for family as they are very adaptable and cooperative. They are also good with other pets and children. As we can see, “though they are not demanding, they love to be petted and would often want to sit on the lap of its owner” (Moustaki, 2013, p. 1). Persians are incredibly loving, it wants to be closed to its human family members, curling on a lap or sitting next to them. Figure 1 showing that the Persian cats are easy to get along with kids.

Figure 1

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Body Paragraph 1, Edit 02

Submitted to : Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan

Submitted by : Ali & Fasihah
Submitted on : August 1st, 2013


When talking about early marriage, people will have various perspectives on it. Some of them will agree with this issue and the rest might disagree with it. Therefore, there are small debates about this issue from the both parties like in Picture 1.
Picture 1 : Debate from different parties.

Before we talk further about early marriage, let us take a look at marriages generally. A marriage is “a purposeful contract for obtaining and possessing enjoyment” (Kharofa, 2004, p. 25). On the other hand, early marriage is a marriage between man and woman at an early age. As a citizen, “we need to understand the cultural- religious issues first to clear the misperception that child marriage is supposedly sactioned by Islam” (Ahmad, 2013, p. 22). Early marriage are already practice in this modern life. Based on the law in Malaysia, “a female who has attained the age 16 years may be married by authorization by license granted by the Chief Minister” (Pillai, 2009, p. 46). Besides that, “in most coutries the proportion of girls aged 15- 19 who are married is lower than the proportion of women aged 20- 24 who were married by age 18” (UNICEF, 2005, p. 12).
                                                                                                     [200 words]          

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Body Paragraph1 Edit02

Submitted to : Mr Airil Haimi B. Mohd Adnan
Submitted by : Akid & Anis
Submitted on : August 1st 2013

Career women and housewives might be difference in term of personality and identity.  This is the most specialty that make them difference.  “A housewife might be very meek, gentle and mild while a career woman has a stronger personality” (Cissysong, 2010, online).  Housewife is a mother and wife at home that taking care of her husband and children all the time and will give full attention to her family.  Despite housewife, career woman only gives half of her attention rather than housewife.  This is because, career woman will have to pay more attention to her job and her time for family is very limited.  Career woman is always busy with her schedules and sometimes she gives all the responsibility to her maid to handle their family.  This is how sometimes in some case, children are more get close with their maid rather than their own mother.  This trend should not be exists in our community because family is more important than the other things.  Different with housewife, the centre in her life is the family and her life revolves around her family.

182 words

Introduction Edit04


Submitted to : Mr Airil Haimi B. Mohd Adnan
Submitted by : Akid & Anis
Submitted on : July 30th 2013


Nowadays, women are more likely to work rather than to stay at home.  This trend exists in our community and “might be the result of the improvement to women’s status in the society and the fact that the society has recognized their importance” (Cissysong, 2010, online).  Which one is better between homemakers and career women? Homemakers are women who work at home, cleaning and cooking and do not have another work.  On the other hand, career women are the women who are involved in improving the social, economic, and political position of women.   Although the percentage of men that prefer their wives staying at home is high, women are more likely to prefer to get a divorce rather than staying at home. Housewives and career women might be different in terms of personality. A housewife might be very gentle while a career woman has a stronger personality.  There are several reasons why homemaker and career women have their own specialty. 

                                                                                     160 words

Fabulous Body Paragraph 1, Edit02

Bismillahirahmanirahim. Assalamualaikum W. B. T.

Submitted to : Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, Tutor
Submitted by: Ika & Najmi
Submitted on : August 1st, 2013

Men vs. Woman: Who is better ?

Figure 1

The most obvious comparison between a man and a woman is their physical characteristics. “Misalnya, bentuk dan saiz buah dada seorang perempuan sangat berbeza dengan seorang lelaki [For instance, the shape and sizes of a woman’s breast are completely different from a man’s breast]” (Nicholson, 1997, p. 6). This explains the differences in the physical characteristics as shown in Figure 1. As you can see, a man and a woman can be easily compared with just the glance of our eyes. For instance, his overall body size is much bigger than her. In another article, it was found that “Men have a higher proportion of muscle which has a higher metabolic rate”. (Daily Mail, 2013, p. 9). Metabolic rate is the rate at which our body uses energy to perform work necessary for maintenance, growth, and such. That is why men are bigger in size thus making them preferable in doing heavy jobs. No wonder construction workers are all men. Women would not have as much energy to pick up those bricks and build up the walls and such. So who wins if you take this matter to case? Of course the votes will be bias towards the male species.  

[200 words]


Submitted to: Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by: Ali & Fasihah
Submitted on: July 30th, 2013

According to Kharofa, (2004), “marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, whom he can legally marry, with the aims of establishing joint life and of procreation” (p. 25). However, the question is, how about couples that are married at an early age especially those who are still studying? In Islam, early marriage is allowed to be practiced but “if there is any problem in the marriage, it is not because of Islam per se, but we must examine other surrounding factors as well” (Ahmad, 2013, p. 25). Many people are not concerned about early marriage. However, they should investigate and do some research about this before they say anything about it. Actually, early marriage will be the best solution that a couple could take if they know what early marriage actually is, why they do it and how to face all the possible problems that they will get before and after the marriage.
                                                                                            [156 words]                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Submitted to: Mr. Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan, tutor
Submitted by: Najmi & Ika
Submitted on: July 30th, 2013

Man vs. Woman: Who is better?

There is an old saying that goes "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". It simply means that both genders are different in various ways. There is no denying that there are plenty of things to discuss regarding the matters on this topic. For example, “if a woman asks question with the hope of being praised or flattered, a man may well see it as a way to offer advice. This affects their relative power: the advice-giver is automatically shifted to a higher position, with the woman having lower status” (Sherwood, 2013, online). It shows that society always consider women second to men. Most men would say that they are better than women. However, that does not mean that women are excluded in demanding their rights as well. Both men and women are always competing against each other to show whose boss and because of that here are several comparisons between men and women. 
[155 words]

Introduction edit04

Submitted to : Airil Haimi Mohamad Adnan, tutor
Submitted by : Zul & Fatin
Submitted on : July 30th, 2013

Personalities of a Persian Cat
by Mr. Rosnu, M. Z. M. & Ms. Faizi, F. A. K.

Cat is a small animal with four legs that people often keep as a pet. Persian cat is an example. They are very unique as “persian cats are one of the oldest cat breeds known to man” (Bose, 2013, p. 1).  Persian cat is a cat with warm silky hair. This fluffy hair cat is a pedigree cat which its name refers to Persia, the former name of Iran (Helgren, 1998). Nowadays, Persian cats are very famous among the cat breeders and also to the cats’ lover. This pure breed cat is very expensive because of their history and generation. There are several types of personalities of a Persian cat. Persians are loving and loyal companions that bond strongly with their owners, they are very sweet in nature and tend to be quiet, these cats have the soft voices and they seem to enjoy displaying themselves like the fine pieces of living artwork that they are.

Intro / edit 3 / July 30th,2013 - 156 words