Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi everyone, its time to CON TE PARTIRO, especially you my master, teech. Thank you for teaching me, thank you for all the advises, thank you for everything. I respect you as a lecturer, i did what you have to do. I don't have any problem with you. This maybe my last post for this blog and i maybe will not sign in again,  or open your teech consult again. Just wanna say thank you and good bye. Pray for my success and i will pray for yours. CON TE PARTIRO!!!


To be honest, i have no idea of what is the meaning of con te parito. Upps partiro I mean. Seems like google translate is the best choice right now. Hurmmm ‘with you are far away?’ seems weird i think. Let’s try google search. Oh it is a title of an Italian song by Andrea Bocelli. Let me sing it “quando sono solo sogno all’orizzonte e mancan le parole si lo so che non c’ luce in una stanza quando manca il sole~” lol how to sing it haha. By the way, thanks to google search it means ‘time to say goodbye’. Time to say goodbye? Why would you say like that teech? I am not die yet. I am always here, in your heart. Lol just kidding. I am not saying goodbye to anyone except if i die, but now i am still living and let us be friends forever okay teech? In malay we said ‘setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan’ so that is normal in our life. I just want to tell you that ‘selagi hayatku di kandung badanku, selagi itu hatiku tetap akan mengingatimu selalu’ haha thats all i think. Thanks for teaching me in semester 3. Sorry if i am being naughty, always came late to class, and other things that might irritate you. Lastly, send my regards to your family. :D

Lots of love from najmi yang baik lagi kacak selalu :D

Con Te Partiro.... T.T

Errrr. What is that teech? Some type of food or what? Sorry teech I like to eat. my friend help me please. Ouhhh. It's time to say goodbye. Hurm. Sob sob. I still remembered. The first time you entered our class. Wow so handsome and I said to Eyka your face just like Jimmy Shanley. Hehe. I thought he is your brother. My dear teech you are such great teacher even you like to "bully bully" us. (Dont get angry later you will get old early). Haha. It was a long time I did'nt call teacher or cikgu since after school but with you I can call it again. I'm proud to have a teacher like you because you can know each of us. Our names, our behaviours. You know what, not all lectures can remembered it like you did teech.
Teech, thanks for teaching us, for treat us ice cream at night we watched Laskar Pelangi and thanks for everything teech. :'(


Con Te Patiro...!

Con Te Patiro....?ermmm what is that teech...?Ask uncle google. Okay, now I know. It just like to say goodbye. I think it just for this semester, teech. May be we will see you again next semester. However I would like to say something to you before leaving this semester..
To teech...
First of all, thank you for teaching us during this semester. You make us feel like we has a good knowledge in grammar although we don't know it. Sometimes, feel like we are clever, hehe. I also want to say thank you for the assignment that you help a lot. I hope you can give us a good grade for that assignment as we al ready work hard for it. I will not forget your grammar jail, teech. Lastly, thank you for being our teech. It was funny but sometime it is not...Not everything in this world is fun right..
to all my classmate, thank you for helping me and my partner a lot in the assignment and for the grammar mistake.                                                                                                                                  

Con Te Partiro

Bismillah. My first thought about "con te partiro" was con te = contact , partiro= party. and i was like,

Haha. And then I translate it via google translate and it appears to be "with you" and then we googled and found this 

I never thought you were a big fan of ferrero rocher Teech! what a coincidence, i love them too. I would love to give you some in gratitude of what you have done and give to me and my classmates, just tell me when is your birthday.

Now as for the title, grab your tissues girls and najmi, it means It's Time to say Goodbye :( Now this may be unexpected from a non-dramatic girl like me, *flips hair* but it is truly deeply hard enough for me to accept that we are coming to the end of our semester. No more class with mr Teech who likes to bully me so hard with all that Mr Ameri stuff going on. Blergh. hmm, i remember when teech first came in class, i said he was handsome. (believe me i did) then after getting to know more of him, i dispose that thought. HAHAHA. (sorry). After all this while i only just realized that Teech is actually the only lecturer who get to know US. the real US. He knows every single one of us. Our name, our attitude, our face making habit. lulz. I am glad for that and i feel blessed. i got to say, I enjoyed myself during your classes with us, all that bullying, that grammar prison (damn), that free ice creams (yayy), those plenty of jobs to be done within a week (nayy) haha it was fun. it was all experience. who knows we might encounter a , hmm, what's the right word? hmm, harder lecturer after this, at least we are prepared, haha  I am pretty sure not all of you will admit that you will miss that short lecturer of ours, but we WILL. We will talk about him next semester when we sit around waiting for our class while munching on keropok mimi we bought at the pushcart. Based on my experience with all of you ac3b aliens, i know we will.

Dear Teech, here i would like to openly thank you for all your support and guidance for me and the aliens of ac3b throughout this whole semester. I personally, now have given a thought about starting to write again because of what you have said to me. Thank you. A really really great thank you. You opened up my mind and i feel blessed that i actually have someone that notice my (probably) talent. Sedihnya (T.T) I am sooooo going to tell my kids about you HAHAHA. Adios Teech, may Allah bless you and may He makes your path easier to anywhere you want. Amin.


Thursday, 12 September 2013

SD Muhammadiyah is the best school among the others!

Why do i say so? Are you kidding me? Look at the school, very old! Not just the school, Pak Harfan also very old hahaha. But inside the old school, there are ten young and talanted students with big dremas. Not to forget, a very hardworking teacher that helps Pak Harfan to teach the ten students, Ibu Mus. These people are the reason why SD Muhammadiyah is the best among the others. They are very hardworking, positive, motivated and have a big dream. They know they can beat the other school even thought they are poor and very lack of facilities.

by: Zul the BEST


Hello readers :) Pak Harfan said a lot of things to the students, gave them advises and support them. There was one line that he often said to his students, the same line that be the reason why we have to write this hahaha, 'hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya'. He was right, in our life we have to give, anything, food, clothes and everything to help others. Give something to make them happy, give something that can help the poor people, give something that can change the world. But don't train yourself to receive something from the others. Be a person the people will not forget about you by live to give, not to receive.

by: Zul the GREAT

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

live to give not to take. hurmmm ?

From the story ‘Rainbow Soldiers’, Mr. Harfan said that “you have to give as much as you can and not to take as much as you can”. It means that in our lives, we have to give something to people as much as we can and do not hope for a payback. We can see that the teachers at Muhammadiyah schools keep teaching their students although their salary has not yet been paid. For example, Mrs. Muslimah is sincere to teach her students although she does not get her salary for almost two month and she never complained about it. Same goes to Mr. Harfan, he has contributed much as the principal of Muhammadiyah school to maintain the school without hoping any payback from anyone.

-najmi yg terlalu cool-